We focus a lot on post-bacc programs here, but we'd remiss not to mention at least a few SLP master's programs that don't require pre-reqs. Typically, these are 3-year master's programs, where the first year is spent completing pre-requisite coursework and the remaining two years are the typical master's track courses and clinical work. The benefit of these programs is you have guaranteed enrollment in a master's program. The downside is the cost--you'll pay for three years of graduate-level tuition rather than two. Here, we highlight three in-person SLP master's programs that don't require pre-reqs. 

The SLP Post-Bacc Decision Guide

, by Maxine, July 15, 2022

Not sure where to start with SLP Master's pre-reqs? Check out this decision guide to get started with choosing a post-bacc program (or figuring out if you even need one). You'll also want to catch up on the last blog post here for a more in depth guide to choosing an SLP post-bacc program. 


Not all post-bacc and leveling programs are created equal. You want to find a program that fits your needs and goals, whether it be your finances, location, learning style, or long-term career goals. Read on for 5 things you want to consider when choosing a post-bacc program.